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It's called "Practicing Medicine" for a reason.

I woke up today and reflected on the last 5 years of my medical issues. I realized I am really pissed! I am angry for myself. I am angry for trusting that the doctors I have seen. I am angry that I trusted that they know best. After all, they are trained. The reality is they are “Practicing Medicine”. I am not saying all doctors are bad but when they become nonchalant or desensitized -that is a problem. When they would rather feed their ego instead of taking each individual patient’s needs into consideration that is an issue.

For five years I have suffered with fibroid and severe anemia. For those of you that do not know what fibroids are, they are noncancerous growths, sizing of the growth varies (seedlings to huge masses). You can have multiple fibroids at one time. In my case my fibroid was only 3cm and was wreaking havoc on my life. Some women have no symptoms. In my case it all started when I would sit at work for long periods of time. I would get a stabbing pain in what felt like my ovary. Severe fatigue and my periods were getting heavier.

I was told I needed a FULL hysterectomy quickly. I asked the doctor if I could keep my ovaries and he said no. He seemed surprised that I would not just go along with his recommendation. He then explained to me that he teaches doctors all over the United States how to perform robotic surgeries. Looking back at this now he was feeding his ego. What did him teaching other doctors have to do about my personal condition? NOTHING! He wanted me to get the full hysterectomy and to be done with it. I also asked for alternatives he said there is ablation surgery but did not recommend it for me. He also suggested birth control. I did go with the birth control option to control my bleeding. Within 2 days of taking the birth control I had severe anxiety side effects that I went to the doctor and they told me to discontinue the birth control. I asked for an iron transfusion because the anemia was really kicking my butt. He said, “What’s the point without the hysterectomy” because every month due to blood loss, I would be anemic again. So, for 5 years I have just suffered.

In 2020 my dad passed away abruptly (I will be posting about his death soon). One thing his death has taught me is, do not take no for an answer, do not let the medical community sway you in any way. Questions everything, after all you know how your body feels. If a doctor is not working with you, has a bad bedside manner and is not answering your questions. Get a second opinion! I got a second opinion in January 2021, but it was only through one of my closest friends Endometriosis suffering. She did a ton of research, became her own advocate, and found the current doctor I am seeing. It has been through her pain and suffering, that I am finally seeing a light at the end of the tunnel. My new doctor discovered I have adenomyosis and I have a Hysterectomy schedule.

If you are suffering with pelvic pain, check out . She has products that have helped me with my pelvic discomfort. Proceeds from the sale go to Endometriosis awareness.

Michelle Anaya ©2021

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