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Copywriting Cheat sheet!

Before you send an email to your list, run through this checklist to ensure that it is as compelling as possible.

❏ Have you gotten into the mind of you reader? Do you know what their pains and struggles are?

❏ Are you sending the email at the best possible time?

❏ Is your subject line compelling and clickable?

❏ Are you using one of the subject line formulas to ensure that people want to open your email?

❏ Does your subject line create a “pattern interrupt” for the reader?

❏ Does your preview text add to your subject line?

❏ Is your name in the “From” section?

❏ Are you A/B testing your subject lines?

❏ Do you get to the point quickly with your email?

❏ Do you address the reader with “you” or “your?”

❏ Is your email focused on benefits over features?

❏ Is your email brief?

❏ How are you delighting your readers?

❏ Do you have a compelling call to action?

❏ Is your call to action obvious and unmissable?

❏ Have you optimized your email for mobile and tested it across different platforms and devices?

❏ Have you personalized the email, both in the subject line and in the email itself?

❏ Is your email conversational?

❏ Do you focus on the reader rather than yourself?

❏ Have you segmented your list appropriately?

Want to download this checklist? Click Here!

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