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QR Codes! Outdated or still relevant in 2021?

Updated: Apr 23, 2021

I am assuming by now you know what a QR code is, QR are codes started back in 1994 for the auto industry and slowly spread to other industries. You might ask what does QR mean? QR is short for Quick Response. The question is are QR codes outdated? The answer is -NO. Quick Response codes are alive and well. With the pandemic and 'social distancing, QR codes are more popular than ever, We will go over a few different types of QR codes here and how they can help you.


this type of code allows you to easily link a PDF file to it. You can directly upload a file and not have to worry about Dropbox or Google Drive deleting your files. It just makes sharing content so much easier!


If you offer free Wi-Fi in your brick and mortar store, restaurant etc This is a great way to have your guest easily and quickly connect to Wi-Fi. This QR code eliminates the need to manually look up a network and having to type in the password. Once your customers scan the Wi-Fi QR Code they will be connected in seconds! This makes connecting seamless.


is a digital business card. With COVID going around people are leery of taking paper business cards! A VCard resolved that issue! Prospective clients will instantly have your contact info digitally synced on their devices. This saves you time as well as money because you are not printing cards. It also makes it easy if your contact info changes!


The most popular is definitely the URL Link type. This is the most common because it is simple. This type of QR code will bring you to a link. Usually the link is for your website or social media page.

* EMAIL QR CODE People use email more now than ever, in order to eliminate meetings. I also like to use email for a paper trail. Instead of writing down your email or texting it. Using an email QR Code makes is quick and easy to send like an instant message.

Not sure how QR codes can help you? Not sure where to start? Need me to make a custom QR code for your business? Please feel free to reach out to me and we can go over how these can help streamline your business.

Michelle Anaya

© 2021 Michelleanaya

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